Pay Attention To The Number Of Seeder In Torrent

If the download process in Torrent is slow, there are some things you could do to speed it up. Note the number of seeds and peer or leech. The more seeds, the more hosts will send data providers so the download will be faster. The less leech the less upload bandwidth we use, thus expediting traffic bandwidth. Before choosing the torrent file you want to download, you should pay attention to the number of seeders and peers that exist.

Usually, each site that provides a torrent file will display statistics on the number of seeders, peers, and leechers of the file. Seeder is a client that already has 100% of the file and is currently uploading the file in question. In conclusion, the more seeders, the faster the download. The more leecher, the download can not be finished. If you find the file with the seeder 0, just forget it, look for another file. Seeder 0 means that no client uploads the file, meaning the file you downloaded will never be finished.

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